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Editing and Sound Design
The latest technology
All projects are edited using Pro Tools HD, to guarantee quality, and maximum flexibility, in minimum time.
Unequaled FX library
Our sound effects library currently has more than a half a terabyte of sounds and growing. Its depth of content will give your images the reality or fantasy that they deserve.
Our Foley experts can add details to your soundscape or fulfil your delivery requirements for foreign versions with a complete foley soundtrack.
Dialogue et ADR
Our editing teams will find the best of your location dialogue, and help match your ADR seamlessly into the mix.
Who better than an editor who is a musician to understand your music sound tracks. Our technicians have studied and practised a variety of music types: classic, jazz, rock'n'roll. This specialisation is indispensable in adapting the editing technique to the style of music, to obtain the best, most flexible, edited music track.